Virtual employees have been more in demand during the pandemic, and it seems that this will continue to rise. One common reason is the many advantages that virtual employees bring to a company.

However, since virtual employees have more job opportunities, it’s a challenge for companies to make them stay longer. You can solve this issue if you know how to keep them engaged. When employees are engaged, they’re less likely to leave the company. Below are some ways to keep them connected:

1. Build A Culture Of Connectedness

Although some virtual employees may be freelancers, most of them still want to feel included in your company. They want to build relationships with their colleagues, share their daily activities, and have fun together, just like in an office-based setting. And by creating a culture of connectedness, you’re making them feel valued regardless of their employment status.

That’s why leaders must create a space where each team member can express themselves freely. For instance, you can build a wireless space specially designed by engineering wireless services and similar providers. Such service providers can personalize your wireless network needs to make your virtual workers have safe and seamless access to your system.  Most companies who offer engineering wireless services are often flexible to address clients’ needs and preferences, including budget specifications

Take this as an example. Work with your chosen engineering wireless services provider to create a communication channel exclusive for all your company’s employees globally, and here, they can talk about anything aside from their tasks and responsibilities at work.  Your team leaders can also make a topic where everyone could join in. For instance, they could talk about their favorite holidays, meals, hobbies, and the like.

Sharing thoughts and experiences, albeit virtually, can foster connectivity and relatedness among peers.

2. Don’t Forget To Celebrate

All employees appreciate their superiors celebrating their accomplishments, even if it’s a small one. You don’t need to conduct recognition programs, but a simple appreciation will do. Here are some ways to show team members that you recognize their efforts:

  • Treat the remote team member to a restaurant near their place. You can do this by reserving a table for them and giving them a cheque or budget for the food.
  • Congratulate the team members by announcing their accomplishments on your team chats. Make it even more special by letting senior leaders congratulate them. Doing so will make the employees feel more valued because senior leaders recognize their efforts.
  • Send a congratulatory price or package to the team member’s address. If you can make it a surprise, then the better.

3. Care For Your Employee’s Health And Wellness

While remote work allows employees to have flexible time and work comfortably at home, some people still feel isolated. Not everyone loves to work independently, but some still prefer working with their colleagues. That’s why it’s also essential to make sure that you make them feel like they’re not alone.

Do so by setting up a time where all employees can enjoy a health and fitness activity. Even if it’s just an hour, yoga or any form of workout doable at home will do wonders both physically and mentally. It’s known that regular exercise produces serotonin, which is a happy hormone, to balance a person’s well-being.

You may want to schedule a video conference where a coach can teach them some fitness routines. It’d also be best if attendees could turn on their cameras so they can see everyone doing the activity. That way, they’ll feel like they’re in the same room.

When they don’t feel isolated, you won’t need to be outsourcing offshore talents each month since your employees are more likely to stay longer.

4. Host Virtual Team Lunches

Another way to make your remote team members feel connected is to grab lunch together. Here, you can do it monthly or twice a month, depending on your operations.

This is quite similar to having your wireless channel as previously mentioned. However, instead of relying mainly on chats and photos, this should be done via video conference and during lunchtime. Virtual lunches are like a simulation of how employees would go for meals together if they worked on-site.

Doing this will make it more intimate since each member will see their colleagues talk about themselves. You can also arrange an activity, fun games, or ask a team to share something new to break the ice. This may include hobbies outside of work.

When hosting virtual lunches, consider the time zones of the majority of your remote employees. Also, keep conversations light and not related to work so they feel more at ease and the activity, less rigid.


Work and responsibilities are essential in a company. However, making your employees only focus on these areas may burn them out. This may cause them to leave your company. That’s why allocating some time to make them feel valued and connected with the company can strengthen your relationship with them.

Whether it’s through a wireless communication space built by expert engineering wireless service providers, virtual team lunches, and sending them tokens of appreciation, there is a way for you to keep them engaged. You just have to explore which option works best for your company and your employees. This investment may significantly reduce your employee turnover.