1. The foundation for your open security platform

The 2100 Series firewalls, part of Cisco’s open security platform, amplify your security visibility, control, and investment. With the 2100 Series, security doesn’t come at the expense of network throughput. Firepower’s innovative architecture optimizes simultaneous firewall, cryptographic, and threat inspection performance, keeping you in command of network performance.

2. Why Cisco 2100 Series firewalls?

World-class security controls

Get industry-leading Cisco Talos threat intelligence, automatically updated daily.

Consistent policy and visibility

Simplify security management, with visibility across your networks.

Integrate network and security

Transform your network into an extension of your security architecture.

3. Features and benefits

Core to our open security platform’s value

At no additional cost, tools like Cisco Threat Response enable aggregated visibility and correlation across Cisco and third-party security solutions. Additionally, Firepower and Cisco Identity Services Engine integrate and enable you to rapidly contain compromised endpoints with automatic device quarantining. Take advantage of one of the industry’s best-integrated and most comprehensive security portfolios.

Simpler management

Cisco firewalls are now even less time-consuming to configure and less costly to manage. A range of management options fit your environment and the way you work. Choose between cloud-based Cisco Defense Orchestrator, centralized on-premises, or local on-box management.

High-performance threat defense

Improve your business resiliency with superior threat defense. Use Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for simultaneous endpoint and network malware protection and visibility, with automatic daily updates from Cisco Talos. Apply granular application controls. Take advantage of the industry-leading Snort NGIPS to prevent the latest threats. All the while, the 2100 Series’ unique architecture maintains throughput in real-world conditions when threat inspection is activated.

4. Compare Firepower 2100 Series models

All models are 1 RU and have 8 x SFP+ on-chassis interfaces. Optional interfaces include 2 network modules: 1/10/40G and FTW (fail to wire).

 Firepower 2110Firepower 2120Firepower 2130Firepower 2140
Throughput: FW +
application visibility and control
+ IPS (1024 byte)
2.3 Gbps3 Gbps5 Gbps9Gbps
Integrated I/O12 x 1GE fixed, 4 SFP (1 GE) ports12 x 1GE fixed, 4 SFP (1 GE) portsUp to 24 x 1GE or 12 x 1GE and 12 x 10GE portsUp to 24 x 1GE or 12 x 1GE and 12 x 10GE ports
Form factor1RU1RU1RU1RU


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