Do you often scout the internet for doing a certain task or activity? Or probably search for an easier way to learn or do a particular task?

Most certainly, the answer is a strong “yes.” From learning how to wear a saree, do eye makeup, and fold a fitted sheet or probably repair your mixer grinder, YouTube is flooded with numerous helpful videos from a skilful bunch of people.

Indeed, videos are a very appealing way of learning how to do anything digitally because, well, the video shows you precisely how to go about it.

Those who enjoy tinkering and trying out new skills will benefit from the era of video streaming. The internet has a plethora of short yet informative videos, from breaking open beer bottles with bill payments to unlocking locks, from securing chips to folding T-shirts.

In fact, these days, a large percentage of marketers are including video content into their marketing plan, which is assured to bring them a lot of benefit along with creating how-to videos, particularly for individuals who are attempting to learn or master how to do something. “How to” related searches on Google or Youtube are increasing day by day. So if you create “how to” videos related to your products then you can gain the attention of your target audience towards your product.

Video ideas

Today we’re highlighting eight of our favourites, picked for both the skills they teach and their entertainment value.

Video marketing is becoming more popular, as is the plethora of platforms where it may be watched. This blog post will provide you with clever and quick ideas to create how-to videos that are immensely popular and, at the same time, beneficial to the viewers.

So, without any ado, let us get started with the mesmerizing list of how to create videos on the most liked topics;

1. Open a beer bottle with paper

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true: opening a drink with the silliest of resources will nearly always get you more kudos and shouts of being “clever” or “genius” than anything else. Having said that, creating a how-to video of opening a bottle of beer with paper is an extremely amazing idea; it spares you or your companion booze hounds the time and humiliation of having to find an opener at the same time make you look cool.

However, collegiate experience suggests that attempting too many times on the very same bottle may result in negative upwelling impacts, so practising over a sink may be a great idea.

Creating videos on such tricks is a win-win situation for both creator and viewer.

2. Cook pasta in a single pot

This is one of the most amazing and smart ideas to create how-to videos that may assist the viewers in creating a certain meal/ pasta by breaking down common or challenging culinary abilities’ step by step.

Hyperlapse may be used to expedite a culinary presentation and provide the viewer with the details they want as rapidly as feasible. This fast-paced recording approach may be eye-catching, especially if it begins auto-playing in a social media feed, and also, don’t forget to use a clever how-to search keyword.

3. Use Photoshop like a pro

Software tutorials can be entertaining and engaging and provide loads of information easily and quickly if done right.

These videos teach the kinds of things most people desire to learn, like cloning, dodge-and-burning, and other photo touch-ups.

So, how about a software tutorial? Create a how-to video explaining your favourite software; it’s sure to be a hit!

Making a how-to video that clearly explains the process, the tips and engages the audience by mixing it with surrealist, cynical humour is definitely a great idea.

4. Strengthen your Wi-Fi signals with foil

In the era of digitization, the internet is an inseparable part of our lives. Any video giving detailed, correct information on strengthening your Wi-Fi signals; or how to have internet in your basement is indeed a great idea. Without any hesitation, create a how-to video explaining the process of extending and strengthening the Wi-Fi router’s signal by placing a few tinfoil parabolas and positioning them on the modems’ antenna.

5. Style your blazer

Who doesn’t love new and unique ways to style oneself? How about having a video on it? A blazer is more than a workplace essential; it can easily spice up any attire.  A fantastic idea is a fun, enticing video that demonstrates how to dress it up for the workplace and even beyond.

For those interested in style, fashion – create a how-to video that can help your viewers accommodate fashion styles and stay abreast in this fast-paced world.bU

6. Flat stomach in 7 days

A hard-core exercise video explaining some valuable exercises or tips that can help the viewer achieve a flat stomach is a smart idea to execute.

With numerous fitness freaks around us, create a how-to video on exercise or fitness regime- probably a series that can help your viewers stay fit and young.

7. Fold T-shirt in 2 steps

Laundry folding is a tedious and disliked task; how about creating a fun video that makes your viewers fall in love with folding and organizing their clothes. An amazing video with clear and crisp narration on how to fold a T-shirt impeccably fast!—in two secs is a great idea. Create a how-to video for your audience that takes a few viewings to get in their brain while invoking curiosity and fun in mastering it, thereby making laundry-folding time actually fun.

8. Increase your followers on Instagram or Facebook

Digitization is the new trend; videos that explain the complex subject matter could be the most effective medium to support your audience and solve their issues.

Be the change and create a how-to video for your audience that helps them not only in their business but also aids them in getting better results.

Hence, it is much needed to make a clear and concise how-to-make video with an apt solution that helps your viewers surpass or win over the algorithm of these social media platforms.

Now that you have gotten some great ideas, it’s time to hit success and create some fabulous videos that can provide your target audience with some valuable information.

Good Luck!